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Material Specifications

  • Great Impact performance: 80 times higher than traditional glass and 30 times higher than acrylic sheet

  • Great tensile strength and heat resistance

  • Great flexibility: up to bending 90 angle without rupture

  • Light transmittance: light transmittance is more than 85% - same as glass

  • UV - coating: panels have UV - protective layer providing protection for long-term outdoor exposure, sunlights and temperature without significant change in optical and mechanical performance

  • Chemical resistance: great resistance against weak acids, water based solutions and alcohol at room temperature

  • Chemical susceptibility: strong acids, benzene, chlorinated hydrocarbons and esters, please pay special attention before using any chemicals. (Check PC solid sheet chemical instruction)

  • Maximum operating temperature: melting-shaped temperature is 135 C, continues use temperature is 120 C

  • Linear expansion coefficient is 7 * 10 cm/cm C (smallest in plastics)

  • Embrittlement temperature: embrittlement temperature is -40 C, continues use temperature is -30 C (lowest in plastics)

  • Combustibility: panels are flame retardant and self - extinguishing with no toxic gases being released

  • Sound insulation is 3-4DB - better than glass

  • Great noise barrier material (highway noises, industrial and construction noises)

  • Light weight: solid sheet is only half of the weight of glass sheet

  • Lower Cost: cheaper and lighter than materials such as glass

  • Life expectancy: minimum 15 years - manufacturer warranty 10 years

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