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8mm twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouse is designed to withstand high winds and heavy snowfall.


Constructed of 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate and heavy duty aluminum frame.


Twin-wall polycarbonate is the most economical glazing material. It offers sufficient heat insulation and diffuses harmful sunlight in the summer. The insulation will prevent the temperature in the greenhouse from changing significantly.


Double layers diffuse the light entering the greenhouse structure resulting in a more even distribution of light and heat. Research shows that even distribution of light can help to prevent plant injury such as leaf burn; it can also provide benefits such as improved crop yield, higher leaf count and a shorter crop time.


R value = 1.6

Greenhouse UNQ 70304 (Full Set) - 13'1" x 9'10" x 7'11" (L x W x H)

C$2,250.00 Regular Price
C$1,825.00Sale Price
Color ( aluminum frame): silver
Color (polycarbonate sheets): Clear